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My name is Juan Jose Miranda U. (Juancho) and I am from Oruro, Bolivia. Shortly after finishing my studies in Oruro, I moved to La Paz for work, and began rock climbing in my spare time. I was presented with an opportunity to enter into tourism working in the operations department of a tour agency called Colibrí, where I met Osvaldo.

During this time, one of the managers approached me, suggesting that I had the makings of a guide, and recommended me for a mountain guiding course. He gave me the opportunity of a lifetime — to be able to acommpany groups up the mountain.

By 1999, I participated in a professional level High Mountain course as an observant. I did well in this level and was able to compete with the more advanced climbers.

After this, I took the course for aspiring mountain guides, and received a scholarship to finish my studies in France. However, at that moment there was another opportunity to take the same final course right here in Bolivia. I decided to finish my courses here in Bolivia, in the mountains that I love.

Currently, I am a Mountain Guide accredited by the UIAGM (International Union of Mountain Guides Association) and A.G.M.T. of Bolivia (2010). Thanks to my profession, I have been able to travel all around South America to climb. Aside from loving my work, I also enjoy ice and rock climbing, as well as photography.

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