3 day(s)
2 night(s)

Condoriri: A Climbing Playground

The Condoriri Valley holds a stunning group of mountains, with thirteen peaks over 5,000m. Climbs are normally based out of a Base Camp along the north side of the Laguna Chiarkhota, and trekkers normally pass through as well. This makes it a popular and exciting camping spot for many outdoor enthusiasts.

High Mountain Climbing


Its base glacier provides excellent playing grounds for beginner ice climbing sessions. Its calm climb scales a breathtaking ridge toward an impressive peak that many call their first High Mountain summit. The summit is worth the effort, unique experience!


Pequeño Alpamayo is known as one of the easiest mountain to climb. Its base glacier is full of crevasses, but with a comfortable incline. The climb includes two summits, first Pico Tarija, with a small descent across a rocky passage that proves more difficult on the return. The main summit has a steep ridge of 60° that is climbed with caution, however only a classical ice axe is required



  • Certificated mountain climbing guide.
  • Private round trip transportation.
  • Climbing equipment.
  • Camping equipment.
  • Camping fee/ Refuge.
  • Mules.
  • Cook.
  • Meals.
  • Entrance fee.

not incluyed

  • Extra drinks.
  • Extra snacks.


Day 1

We drive 2,5 hours from La Paz through Palcoco valley to La Rinconada. From there, we hike 1.5 hours through Condoriri Valley to Laguna Chiarkhota (4,650 m), our Base Camp.

Day 2.

From the base camp, we trek across the valley (1.5 hours) to the glacier of La Pequeña Ilusion (4,950 m). We climb the central part of the glacier to pass over Pico Tarija (5,300 m) within 2 hours. A short descent brings us to the ridge of Pequeño Alpamayo. A technical climb of 80 m.  at about 55° brings us to the summit ( 5,450 m) within another 2 hours. We return back to the base Camp by the same route for the second night.

Día 3.

After a restful night and a delicious breakfast, we pack up our camp and hike back to La Rinconada where our vehicle awaits us to take us back to La Paz..

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