3 day(s)
2 night(s)

The more photographed Twin!

Parinacota is one of the Payachatas (“The Twins”). A perfect cone-shaped inactive volcano, its open crater (700 m wide and 240 m deep), larger than Ecuador’s Cotopaxi, is an appealing attracion for many climbers. Thanks to Parinacota’s collapse nearly 8000 years ago which caused a rockslide that fell 22 m west blocking waterflows, we have a beautiful reflective Lake Chungará at its Chilean base. The view of the lake is always a surprise when climbing from the Bolivian side.

High Mountain Climbing


This pristine snow-capped, nearly symmetrical mountain is the photographer’s (and tourist’s) dream.

It is the only volcano in Bolivia with an open crater, and the crater’s magnitude is always astounding.


Climbing Parinacota is graded 1/F. Itis not a technical mountain but being a cone-shaped volcano, it has aa continuous incline of 40°. The most difficult part is the climb up to the snow line, which is long and arduous due to loose sand and ash. As always, the high altitude makes the climb more of a challenge.



  • Professional Mountain guide.
  • Private round trip transportation.
  • 4wd transportation in Sajama.
  • Climbing equipment.
  • Meals
  • Hostel.
  • Entrance fee Nacional park Sajama.

not incluyed

  • Extra snacks.
  • Extra snacks.


Día 1.
After a 4 hour drive from La Paz through volcanic rock formations, we arrive at the town of Sajama (4,000 m).  where we will spend the first night in a hostel.
Día 2.
After breakfast at approximately 1 am, we head by 4x4 to the end of a deserted trail, which leaves us at the Base Camp (4,900 m). We walked 3 hours. until we reach the middle of the Payachatas, the high camp (5,470 m). We continue the ascent walking over sand and volcanic rock until we reach the glacier, where the famous penitents measuring 1 m high or more are found. After a few more hours we reached the summit of Parinacota (6,330 m), and the edge of its impressive crater with a deep drop of 100 m. back to the stop camp in 3 hrs, and another 2.1/2 hrs back to Base Camp. The 4x4 takes us back to the town of Sajama. We enjoyed the hot springs and spent a quiet night at the hostel.
Día 3.

We relax in the hostel enjoying a good breakfast and later return to La Paz.

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