Full day

A piece of the Cordillera Real of Bolivia!

The snowy Charquini 5390 m. It is a mountain next to Huayna Potosi belonging to the Cordillera Real of Bolivia, it is located 39 km away. From the city of La Paz. Throughout the trip you can see beautiful landscapes and visit the Apacheta, visit the On this easy walking tour you visit the Laguna Esmeralda, a perfect place for photographs with a beautiful landscape in the background.

Acclimatization Tours


  • Jilarata Viewpoint.
  • View of Huayna Potosi.
  • iew of the red lagoon.
  • Historic Milluni Cemetery.
  • Charquini base camp.
  • Emerald lagoon.


Walk two hours up, from 4600 m. up to 5024 m. and an hour and a half of descent.



- Trekking guide.
- Private round trip transportation.
- Snacks.
- Entrance fee.

not incluyed

  • Extra drinks.
  • Extra snacks.


Día 1.
Pick up from your hotel at 08:00 am from the city center, we head towards the Cordillera Real of Bolivia, approximately 2 hours by car.

Visit to the Jilarata viewpoint, where we can appreciate the majestic Huayna Potosi and former snow-capped Chacaltaya.

Visit to the historic Milluni cemetery, where we can appreciate Huayna Potosi more closely.

Arrival at the base of Charquini, where we hike for approximately 2-hour up to Laguna Esmeralda 5024 masl., we will be able to appreciate the emerald lagoon surrounded by mountains and take beautiful photographs.

We return to the base where transportation awaits us, we are back in the city center at approximately 3:30 p.m.

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